Whalley Little League 2018 Season Opening Ceremonies!

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The opening day for 2018 Whalley Little League happened on April 14th and our very own MLA Bruce Ralston was once again invited to throw the first pitch at Whalley Ball Park. During his opening speech Bruce took the opportunity to speak directly to the youth about the importance of engaging in sports life as a way to look forward to a better future and the teachings about teamwork that are learned during this period will take them through their lifetime. He also took the chance to thank all of the community members who dedicate their time and energy to support the new generations in the sports and give them an example to be followed as active citizens in their communities.
Whalley Little League holds a tradition in forming big players since 1978 and has in the figures of Chuck Bailey and Orest Springenatic, also known as “Grandfathers of the Baseball” in the lower mainland, its biggest inspiration for all the work they have done to create excellence in the local baseball scene. Reinforcing its values of Loyalty, Character and Courage, Whalley Little League has already represented Canada on four different occasions in the Little League World Series that happens in Williamsport, Pennsylvania every year.