Summer BBQ season is over

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On Sunday September 9th we said good bye to the Summer BBQ season, and what a season! The cloudy and rainy day did not stop the constituents from bringing their families and friends to enjoy the hot-dogs, refreshments and a good talk among our volunteers and your very own MLA-Bruce Ralston. Improvements witnessed by the local community were recurrent in the conversations that happened under the crowded tents and gave the opportunity for MLA Ralston himself to listen to the constituents feedback about his works in the legislature as well as to get informed of the ongoings in the community. It was very pleasant to have the engagement of the constituency members throughout the summer events and it definitely has a positive impact on the works of this office concerning our obligations towards building a fairer community by listening to each and everyone who reach out to your MLA. Gratitude and the best wishes to all of our constituents for taking the time and making our BBQ Summer events meaningful and constructive leisure times.