Horgan proposes low-income families get a break from hydro hikes

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March 9, 2016

 Horgan proposes low-income families get a break from hydro hikes 

 Victoria – While Christy Clark continues to make life in B.C. less affordable, New Democrat leader John Horgan proposed legislation today that would give a break to the families that need it most.

“No family should have to choose between heating their home and putting food on the table. The legislation I introduced today would make sure they don’t have to,” said Horgan.

“Since Premier Clark introduced a 28 per cent hydro hike in 2014, she has done nothing to address the impact on low-income families. Passing this legislation would do just that – it would give families in need access to a lifeline rate. Vulnerable people shouldn’t have to pay the price for this government’s bad management.”

Horgan first introduced the Hydro Affordability Act in 2014. Following Premier Clark’s 2016 budget, which fails to address the growing burden of taxes and fees in this province, Horgan reintroduced the legislation today.

While the premier and her ministers hinted that their budget would address affordability in the end it did little to help those who are struggling to pay the bills.

“Premier Clark’s budget hikes up ICBC rates, does nothing to make housing more affordable, and plays a shell game with MSP tax hikes. This budget was a serious disappointment to anyone in this province who is trying to make ends meet.”