Happy Vaisakhi from B.C.’s New Democrats

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April 15, 2014

SURREY – New Democrat multiculturalism critic and MLA for Surrey-Whalley Bruce Ralstonissued the following statement celebrating Vaisakhi on behalf of the B.C. New Democrats:

“We wish British Columbians from all communities a happy Vaisakhi celebration. Vaisakhi celebrates the strong values at the core of the Sikh community’s many positive contributions to Canadian society.

“British Columbia is the proud home of one of the largest Sikh populations to be found anywhere on the globe. Since they arrived over 100 years ago as early settlers and pioneers, Sikhs have succeeded in every field of endeavor, from business to science, from the arts to politics. New and older immigrants continue to find economic opportunity, religious freedom, social acceptance and call this province home.

“I hope everyone will join to experience together the generosity of the Sikh community in British Columbia. On behalf of the B.C. New Democrats we wish everyone a happy and prosperous Vaisakhi.”