Forsyth park BBQ was a huge success!

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MLA Bruce Ralston and the volunteers involved in the BC Day BBQ at Forsyth park are very grateful for all the constituents who joined us on Monday August 6th. The massive attendance of families, friends and neighbours of the Surrey-Whalley constituency made it a special event. The atmosphere was that of a backyard family BBQ, where Surrey’s mosaic of cultures gathered together to celebrate under the shade of the trees on a sunny summer afternoon in Surrey’s newest park.

Kids were playing around while the parents had the opportunity to talk directly to their MLA Bruce Ralston and his volunteers about news and updates in the community. In charge of our BBQ grill were our volunteers Colin, Miriam and Sigrid who managed to prepare approximately 300 hot-dogs. These were served together with refreshments and chips for everyone.

The success of the event is a clear sign of how the local community is engaged in being part of the positive changes that Surrey-Whalley has been experiencing. The installation of the temporary modular housing in Surrey-Whalley was one of the topics of the chats.

Our friendly MLA Harry Bains from Surrey-Newton also joined the festivities and interacted with constituents side by side with MLA Bruce Ralston. They had the chance to hear from the local community and got feedback on work being done by the current legislature. The Surrey-Whalley Mobile Community Office volunteers are very appreciative of the local community support which  made this BBQ event the blast of the summer. Thank everyone who made it possible.