Disability Employment Month event at Work BC Employment Services Centre

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On Friday September 28th MLA Bruce Ralston was invited to take part in a special event  at Work BC Employment Services Centre to celebrate the Disability Employment Month. At the occasion different speakers had the opportunity to talk about their own experiences as well as the initiatives that have been taken by third-party institutions such as the government of British Columbia to promote the inclusiveness of those affected by disabilities.

Among the speakers was our very own Constituency Office Assistant Ward Kindlein who made an emotional testimony about the hard pathway he has had overcome and the challenges of his disability. It was a great day for all the staff members of this office who are acquainted with the battles and victories that Ward has experienced in the past years and how his volunteer work in the community has had a positive effect on different aspects of his life.

From the different testimonies at the event it was noticeable that the volunteering work and the will of giving back to the community posed as the most important factor in recovering the sense of self-worth on those who thrived to share their stories of success. Our best wishes to all people overcoming disabilities themselves in a daily basis crossing all sorts of obstacles to make a difference in our society.