Statement from New Democrats on ten-year anniversary of Insite

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VICTORIA – New Democrat mental health critic Sue Hammell, and Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA Jenny Kwan issued the following statement in recognition of the ten-year anniversary of Insite opening.

“Over the last decade Insite has saved countless lives and provided a model for the harm-reduction approach to addiction. It has survived hostile governments, proved its worth in halls of the highest court of the land, and given hope to those who had long ago given up hope. This facility’s success in preventing death and the spread of disease proves the importance of choosing science over stigma, and delivering health care over hate.

“Those who put their energy and their passion toward opening this facility and making it a success have helped change the way we talk about addiction in Canada. They deserve to be applauded for their dedication and the service they have provided to our community. With over two million injections, and not a single life lost, over the last ten years Insite has provided the single most important thing that people need to get better – the ability to access health care, and the chance to live another day.

“We are still a long way from removing the stigma associated with addiction and offering enough access to the kind of effective, compassionate treatment that changes lives for the better – but we’re a lot closer than we have ever been thanks to Insite.”