Prince George families struggling with Hydro rates, prospects for youth

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April 9, 2015

PRINCE GEORGE – New Democrat leader John Horgan and finance spokesperson Carole James were in Prince George today highlighting the struggle of families needing a break from the fees, fares and rate hikes imposed by Christy Clark in her 2015 budget.

“What we’re hearing right here in Prince George is that Hydro rate hikes are burying people in the North,” said Horgan. “Families don’t have much of a choice about turning on the heat in the winter here. Even with a good paycheque it’s hard to keep up.”

Prince George father Doug MacDonald is concerned about the future for his children. “I came here for a great opportunity and was able to save up, buy a house and raise a family. I don’t see that for my kids and grandkids. I see people having to leave their families behind to work elsewhere,” said MacDonald. “Young people are starting out their lives with student debt, higher costs for everything, and without the job prospects my generation had.”

“We’re meeting with families in B.C. communities to learn where families need the most help, and where their family budgets are facing the most pressure,” said James. “We’re hearing a real concern about the future for young people in communities like Prince George.”

Horgan and James will continue to travel the province, talking to British Columbians about the financial pressures they face under the Clark government fee hikes.