Park fees will continue to increase under the B.C. Liberals

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February 26, 2015

VICTORIA — New Democrats have uncovered a B.C. Liberal plan to significantly increase the cost of going camping in British Columbia, not just this year, but year after year says New Democrat environment spokespersonSpencer Chandra Herbert.

“B.C. families will be paying more and getting less when they go camping in our B.C. parks. Not only do the B.C. Liberals plan to increase park fees this year, but we’ve discovered the plan is to increase fees year over year.” said Chandra Herbert.

“Plus, new additional fees will be charged on top of base camping fee increases. This is all combined with years of cuts to programming and maintenance.”

The information was revealed in a freedom of information request filed by the New Democrats.

The documents, prepared by ministry of environment staff, note that the B.C. Liberals have “forced BC Parks to shorten operating seasons, eliminate park ranger positions, reduce preventive maintenance and implement other program cuts.”

“Camping should be an affordable family vacation, and an opportunity to get away from it all,” said Chandra Herbert. “Unfortunately, the B.C. Liberal plan will make camping cost more and include less.”