Delay in MCFD placement harming children of murdered mother

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February 25, 2015

VANCOUVER— It’s distressing that 10 months after their mother was murdered, the children of Angila Wilson remain in the care of strangers, rather than with their aunt and uncle, says Doug Donaldson, the New Democrat spokesperson for children and family development.

“Angila Wilson’s children have been kept away from their caring family members and in the homes of strangers for the last 10 months, further traumatizing children who have already suffered too much,” said Donaldson.

“These three young children have experienced a horrific situation with the murder of their mother.  Despite this horrendous episode, the lack of a sense of urgency by the Ministry of Children and Family Development in such a dire case at finding these children a permanent home is absolutely appalling. It speaks to a lack of leadership at the top and the glaring need for system change in the ministry.”

Donaldson spoke at a press conference with Angila’s brother, Frank Wilson, and his wife, Leanne Bowcott. The couple was previously screened by the ministry and has provided respite care for other children in care. They are angry and frustrated at months of delays in placing the children in their care.

“It took eight months for the ministry to schedule a safe home study to determine whether Frank and Leanne’s home would be suitable for the children, and they are still waiting for the ministry to greenlight them as caregivers for their niece and nephews. That’s unacceptable,” said Donaldson. “These children have already suffered greatly, they deserve to be in a home with people who know and love them.

“Enough is enough. The B.C. Liberals need to act today to do what’s right for these children and ensure they are placed with their family as soon as possible.”