Christy Clark breaks another promise to the North

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April 23, 2015

VICTORIA – Once again, Premier Christy Clark won’t keep her word to families who live and work in northern B.C.

The premier is tearing up the signed 15-year Fair Share agreement that guarantees communities in the northeast their fair share of resource revenues. The Liberals are demanding that the communities “negotiate” a new deal by the government’s imposed April 30 deadline and forcing them to accept a fixed grant instead of a defined share of resource revenue.

“In agreement after agreement, contract after contract, whether it’s with hospital workers, teachers, or anyone who calls northern B.C. home, Christy Clark’s word is worthless,” Horgan said.

Clark has also abandoned her 2013 commitment to a rural dividend for families in the northwest, New Democrats have learned.

“Families right across the North are learning that you can’t take Christy Clark or the Liberals at their word anymore,” said Robin Austin, New Democrat MLA for Skeena. “The Liberals are happy to share the wealth with their friends, but the people who create that wealth have to beg for the crumbs.”

“The premier and her minister responsible have the temerity to lecture people in the north about fiscal responsibility,” Horgan said. “This is the same premier and the same minister who blew $5.2 million of B.C. families’ money in a do-nothing pet project, the Auditor General for Local Government.

“This is the same premier who sees nothing wrong with leaving $43 million on the table in a real estate fire sale to pad her budget numbers. It’s the same premier who did nothing as BC Hydro piled up half a billion dollars in extra costs to build four power lines. And Christy Clark wags her finger at northern families and tells them to watch their pennies.

“Mind you, she did keep her promise to the wealthiest two per cent of British Columbians and spent $236 million to give them a big break on their taxes. It’s clear where Christy Clark’s priorities are, and it’s not B.C. families.”